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Learning Heroes

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Our Learning Heroes equip children with the skills required to be lifelong learners. The Learning Heroes are Resilient, Relating, Resourceful and Reflective. Each Learning Hero has different learning powers.


  • I am kind to others.
  • I collaborate well.
  • I can understand how other people feel.
  • I listen well.
  • I magpie ideas and let other people magpie my ideas.


  • I persevere even when things are difficult.
  • I manage my distractions.
  • I learn from my mistakes.
  • I am completely absorbed in my learning.
  • I am good at noticing details


  • I use the resources around me to help.
  • I ask questions and find out more.
  • I question what I have learnt.
  • I make links with my learning.


  • I keep my WWWs and EBIs in my head while I work.
  • I work on my EBIs.
  • I follow my plan.
  • I change my plan if things aren’t quite working.
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