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Year Two Team

Mr Russell Brentnall, Mrs Julie Stingone, Mrs Denise Harris & Miss Andrea Etheridge (not pictured)

Mr Russell Brentnall is the teacher of Kangaroos, along with Mrs Julie Stingone.  

Mr Brentnall is also the Assistant Headteacher as well as being responsible for overseeing the teaching and learning in Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2.  Mr Brentnall joined West Blatchington in 2012 as a class teacher and Key Stage 1 leader and has played an active part in strengthening the teaching and learning at the school. He is also one of the Literacy coordinators in the school.  

Mrs Stingone has been teaching in Brighton for almost 20 years and has taught every year group from Reception to Year 6.  She has worn a variety of subject leader hats over the years including Art, PE, Science English and Maths.  Mrs Stingone was a lead English teacher for Brighton and Hove and is now involved in initial teacher training as well. 

Mrs Stingone came to West Blatchington in September 2017 and is currently job sharing in Kangaroo class with Mr Brentnall on Wednesdays and Thursdays and co-ordinating Maths alongside Ms Wells.  She is really enjoying getting to know the children and staff in our vibrant, friendly school.  When she is not at work she is a busy mum to two boys.

Mr Brentnall and Mrs Stingone are supported by Learning Support Assistants Miss Andrea Etheridge & Mrs Denise Harris.  Miss Etheridge is a very experienced and has worked at the school for a number of year.  She also carries out phonics and speech and language interventions to support pupil's learning and encourage the best progress possible. Mrs Denise Harris has been at the school for 24 years and utilises her extensive knowledge within group interventions and her day to day role.   Mrs Harris specialises in numeracy in her group interventions which allows her to develop children further with their knowledge, understanding and to build confidence.  Mrs Harris brings a broad range of qualities to the school, the children and the wider team due to her passion and desire to help others. 

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