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Year Three Team

Miss Sophie Heasman & Mrs Denise Harris

Owls class is taught by Miss Sophie Heasman.  

Miss Heasman has been part of the West Blatchington team for five years and has taught in Year 4 and Year 3.  Previously she worked at a school in Oxford and at another school in the area.  She is a born and bred Brightonian and after a few years of University in Sheffield, and a year in Oxford, she made the easy decision to return to the seaside.  She absolutely loves History and currently leads this subject at West Blatchington, which is a real joy.  She also enjoys reading and is a huge Harry Potter fan.      

Mrs Denise Harris is the Learning Support Assistant for Year 3 and has been at the school for 24 years.  Mrs Harris utilises her extensive knowledge within group interventions and her day to day role.  Mrs Harris specialises in numeracy in her group interventions which allows her to develop children further with their knowledge, understanding and to build confidence.  Mrs Harris brings a broad range of qualities to the school, the children and the wider team due to her passion and desire to help others.


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