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Year Five Team

Ms Fern Corns, Mrs Rose Roberts, Miss Grace Claydon, Miss Annika Laker, Mrs Thelma Jackson and Miss Harriet Trueman.

Year 5 consists of Goldfinches and Swallows classes.

Miss Grace Claydon joined West Blatchington Primary & Nursery School in April 2019 to teach Year 4, before moving to Year 5.  

Ms Fern Corns teaches Swallows Monday, Tuesday and Friday, whilst Mrs Rose Roberts teaches on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Ms Corns is one of the Assistant Headteachers and is the Senior Curriculum Lead as well as leading Art.  Art is a strong passion of Ms Corns and she thoroughly enjoys providing opportunities for children to embrace and enjoy art across the school.

Mrs Roberts is the Key Stage 2 Leader and has been part of the West Blatchington team for over 12 years.  Mrs Roberts leads Computing across the school, playing a pivotal role in developing children's use of technology within the curriculum.

Miss Annika Laker is the Learning Support Assistant, whilst Mrs Jackson and Miss Trueman are Individual Needs Assistants.

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