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School Hours

Before School

  • 7.45am - Children booked in to the breakfast club can arrive at school
  • 8.35am - At the Junior site, children may come into school
  • 8.40am - At the Infant site, children may come into school
  • 8.50am - The school day starts
  • 8.55am - Nursery children start school

During the School Day

  • All parents and visitors are asked to use the pedestrian gates. All visitors to the school must report to the office and sign in.
  • 12.00pm - Nursery morning session ends
  • 12.35pm - Nursery afternoon session starts

End of School Day

  • 3.00pm - The school day ends for the Infant site
  • 3.10pm - The school day ends for the Junior site
  • 3.00pm - Nursery afternoon session ends

We ask all parents/carers to please be on time to collect their children.

Access to the school car parks is restricted. Parents bringing and collecting their children must not drive into the school grounds.

Please DO NOT PARK ON THE ZIG ZAG LINES OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL- we must all do our best to keep our children and others safe.