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School Council

At West Blatchington we have a very large, vocal and determined school council with children represented from Year 2 through to Year 6, and from both of our ASC classes. The school council meets every 2 weeks and are involved in all aspects of school life from looking at parking around the school to liaising around our new build and collecting contributions for our local Food bank. Representatives are selected by the children in each class.

The School Council's representatives speak with their classmates and then take their views to the Council meetings. In each class we hold class councils in which we discuss issues to do with the school. There is also a School Council suggestion box, for children in the class to share their ideas. These ideas go into the School Council book.

As School Council representatives we try to:

  • Make the school a better place. 
  • Share ideas. 
  • Listen to everyone’s ideas.
  • Help the people in West Blatchington Primary & Nursery School. 
  • Raise money for charity. 
  • Make lessons fun.

So far this year we have:

  • Met with Kier and asked them questions about our exciting new building.
  • Discussed and shared ideas for the attendance rewards.
  • Supported the food festival with a craft stall.
  • Discussed ways to keep our roads safe.