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West Blatchington Primary School News

School is open today

posted by Carly Regan

Mar 02

Morning, school will be open but it is very cold again so please be careful of paths leading to the school as there may be icy patches. 

Please dress children in warm coats, gloves and hats.

We will be closely monitoring the situation due to the unpredictable forecasts and will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible if we had to close the school early due to adverse weather. Children can enter the school through the normal entrances.

Breakfast club and the minibus will be operating.

World Book day dress up is going ahead today, but please ensure children have warm layers underneath their outfits.

School is open

posted by Carly Regan

Mar 01

Morning, school is open but it is very cold so please wrap up warm and be careful of paths leading to the school as there may be icy patches.  We will be closely monitoring the situation due to the unpredictable forecast. 

Please dress children in warm coats, gloves and hats and they can wear tracksuit bottoms instead of trousers/skirts with their school polo shirt and jumper if wanted.

Breakfast club and the morning minibus will operate. If your child is not going on the minibus please phone Miss Muna on the minibus mobile.

School open today with some changes

posted by Carly Regan

Feb 28

The school is open today.  There has been a light covering of snow overnight that has frozen so the premises team are hard at work to clear and grit it.

Please take the utmost care on paths in and around the school, as there may be areas that are icy or slippery.

Please ensure children are dressed appropriately for the weather as it is very cold.   They will need warm coats, hats, scarves, gloves and suitable footwear.  

Hangleton Way is reported as being clear but please still be cautious.  We would advise avoiding Downlands Drive.

The junior driveway will be closed all day and so please enter via the infant main entrance if you need to come to the school office.

Pupils are to come into school in the following ways:

All infant classes - all to go via infant main entrance

Junior classes - please use normal entrance

Breakfast club and the morning minibus have been cancelled. Information on the afternoon minibus will follow later today.

Wednesday 28th February 2018 - School plans to open

posted by Carly Regan

Feb 27

After reviewing the weather forecasts along with current conditions, which have improved since this morning, the school is planning to open tomorrow morning. 

The school will conduct a risk assessment at 06:30 and send a text to parents as soon as it is reasonably practical to confirm the situation.

Please note that as it is likely that the roads may be icy when the minibus is due to set off, the minibus morning route is expected to be cancelled tomorrow, along with breakfast club.  Please make alternative arrangements.


posted by Carly Regan

Feb 27

Due to the change in weather conditions and snow now falling heavily, with the forecast amended to a high chance of snow all morning, the school has made the decision to close. 

We apologise for any inconvenience, however the safety of our pupils, parents and staff is of paramount importance. 

School is open

posted by Carly Regan

Feb 27

We have reviewed the situation and confirm that the school will open today.  However there will be no breakfast club, yoga club or minibus this morning - we will review the minibus for the afternoon.

The following entrances are to be used this morning:

  • Nursery & Reception classes - Please enter through the normal entrances

  • Y1 & Y2 - Please enter through the infant main entrance

  • Junior classes - normal pedestrian entrance 

  • Junior driveway is closed currently for vehicle and pedestrian access.

Please note that Downland Drive has not been gritted so please avoid if possible and use Hangleton Way which has been gritted but please still take care. It may be better to park a bit further down the hill and walk up.  The premises team will do their very best to clear paths in time but please take care of snow and ice.

Please ensure children have warm coats, hats, gloves, scarves and suitable footwear.

Bad weather and snow arrangements

posted by Carly Regan

Feb 26

In light of current weather forecasts predicting a possibility of snow this week, we would like to inform you of the procedures the school will follow if it becomes necessary to delay the start of school or close the school.

The school will make every effort to remain open in the event of snow, as we want to minimise any disruption to learning and we also appreciate that many parents and carers have to work.  However, if a number of staff are unable to travel safely to school, the school may need to either partly or fully close.

If the school is closed or there is a delayed start, parents will be sent a text.  If you have recently changed your mobile number, please let the school office know asap.  We will also post an announcement on the News section of our school website.

Our premises team will do their very best to clear and grit the entrances and paths within the school, but please take extra care when walking to school as there may be icy patches and the school is not responsible for, or able to clear all external walkways.

The school breakfast club, after school club and minibus service may be impacted, if staff are unable to get to school or if the driveways and roads are not safe.  This may mean that the minibus service is delayed or cancelled and that the clubs do not operate.  Information on this will be included in any texts to parents.  If you are due to use these services we would ask you to keep an eye on the weather forecast and consider alternative arrangements in case they are required.

If it is safe and appropriate to do so, the school may decide to open the playgrounds at the start of the school day to allow children to experience and enjoy any snow.  Information will follow in due course, if required.

Lastly, we would like to remind parents and carers to ensure that children are dressed appropriately for the weather and that they have hats, gloves, scarves, warm coats and sensible footwear.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

posted by Carly Regan

Nov 09

Friends of West Blatchington held a pumpkin carving contest last week to kick off our fundraising for Pennies for Our Playground, the campaign to raise funds for outdoor equipment for our new school building opening in Spring 2019.

The contest was extremely popular and we were excited to see a host of creative and spooky designs brought into the school.  Peter Kyle (MP for Hove) came along to join our assembly and conduct the very important task of choosing the winner!


Peter Kyle said "Starting the day with so many engaged and excited kids at a brilliant community school really can't be beaten!".  

Thank you Peter for visiting our school and judging the pumpkins!

Autism Aware Award

posted by Carly Regan

Nov 09

During the last academic year, Mrs Tuck and Mrs McCully undertook a significant amount of work around the Autism Aware Award.  This involved them participating in training on specific areas of Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) as well as producing a portfolio of evidence to show what we do as a school to ensure the very best support is in place for our pupils with ASC.

 An autism aware school is defined as a school that provides an environment that accepts and understands pupils with autism spectrum condition and provides opportunities for the whole school community to continue to increase its awareness and develop its understanding of ASC.

We are delighted to announce that we have received the Autism Aware Award 2017-2020!  We would like to thank all the of the school staff for their hard work and dedication in supporting all of our pupils.   We are extremely proud of the wonderful work they do to ensure the best outcomes academically, socially and emotionally for our ASC pupils both within mainstream classes, and Seals and Dolphins. Congratulations West Blatchington Primary and Nursery School!

Mo Bham, Head of Brighton & Hove Inclusion Service, presented Mrs Tuck with the Autism Aware Award.