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West Blatchington Primary School News

Our fantastic new building has cone along a way over the summer!

posted by Carly Regan

Sep 19

Our new school building has developed fast over the Summer as the building contractors made the most of our fair weather!  

We are going to have a beautiful sea view! 

The building structure has really taken shape, and scaffolding and covers have now gone up to enable the contractors to work when the weather may not be so kind.  The windows have also started going in, helping us to get a real ideal of the size and look of the building.  


The main entrance The hall


The ground floor corridor The first floor corridor

Part of the ASC area

The next key milestones are about getting the building watertight, constructing the brickwork and putting up the internal walls.  Recently, Kier took Ms Simmonds (Headteacher), Mrs Regan (Business Manager), Mr Everard (Premises Mgr) and Ms Gerrett (Governor) on a tour of the building. It was inspiring, exciting and amazing to think that the building will soon be our new home!  With around 7 months until we move in, it is all feeling very real now!

Mr Everard, Ms Simmonds, Mrs Regan & Ms Gerrett