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Friends of West Blatchington

Friends of West Blatchington is a group of parents and two staff representatives who work together to raise funds for ‘extras’ for all the children at West Blatchington Primary School. For a few years now we have been funding extra PE lessons and support for KS1 and KS2 pupils, Swimming Lessons for Year 4 at Hangleton Pool as well as the annual visit from Father Christmas at the Winter Gathering. We have also provided support for school trips and outings and other special events.

We need lots of committee members who will work alongside and play a vital role in the organisation of events and fundraising activities. We understand people have lots of commitments, whatever individuals can offer will be gratefully received.

Friends of West Blatchington meet approximately twice per half-term to organise a variety of fun, fund raising activities which most of our families attend or support such as the Winter Gathering, Summer Festival, Quiz Nights, Table Top Sales and Discos.

Chair - Anna Kingswood-Parsons

Secretary - Heidi Brydon

Treasurer - Vicky Young

Staff Representative - Kelly Wickenden 

Teacher Representative - Cheryl Johnson

For further information on the constitution of Friends of West Blatchington as a Home School Association, please click on: FOWB Constitution

Friends of West Blatchington's latest campaign:

Pennies for our playground!


It is fantastic news that our school has had planning approved for a new school building, that will offer state of the art facilities and an inspiring place to learn.  We will have new outdoor areas that will be important for both outdoor learning and social play and interaction, however the new build budget does not cover outdoor equipment.

We hope to retain our wooden play equipment in the junior playground, but our other outdoor equipment is ageing and will not survive being dismantled and put together again.  This is where we need your help…

The school and FOWB are launching a fundraising campaign to raise money to purchase these vital outdoor resources.  The items needed range from playground markings and scooters, to benches and play dens.  These resources will make a vital difference and will enrich the children’s lives through learning and play.  We will be putting up a visual fundraising target sign in the junior entrance hall so that everyone can track our progress.  

FOWB will be asking for your help and support more than ever, whilst we work harder on our fundraising projects so that the children get what they need to lead a happy and healthy school life.  FOWB recognise the importance of their contributions towards school trips and swimming lessons, and so these will remain in place.  

It would be a tremendous help if you are able to please offer time and ideas as FOWB are always looking for new members to join the committee.  If you are interested in attending meetings or helping to arrange events please let the school office know and a member of FOWB will be in touch.