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Year Two Class

The Year 2 class is called Skylarks.

The children are encouraged to be independent learners and are given increasing responsibility throughout the year. The classroom offers a variety of learning opportunities to be independently accessed. Well stocked reading areas encourage a relaxed enjoyable experience. Role play areas are linked with current topics, writing areas and creative areas offer children different aspects to their learning. Technology is also a key feature within our learning environment and the children are able to use iPads and the computer suite on a weekly basis.

In the Autumn term, Year 2 will learn about ‘The Great Fire of London’, where children will be taking part in a Great Fire of London drama workshop with lots of props they have made. 

The Spring term topic is ‘Hot and Cold’, where the children will be learning about countries and animals from around the world. The children will be visiting Drusillas Park Zoo to find out more about animals and their habitats. 

In the Summer term, we will be finding out about famous explorers. The class will learn about how they discovered new countries. In Science, we will be learning about habitats- we will be visiting Arundel Wetland Centre, to find out more about the habitats of animals in our local area.

Curriculum Maps

Year 2 Curriculum Map - Summer 2020

Year 2