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Year Three Class

A structured transition takes place at the end of Year 2 into the start of Year 3 to support children in becoming independent learners, building their confidence and taking on responsibility. Our curriculum offers a wide variety of exciting topics.

In the Autumn term Year 3 learn all about life in the Stone Age and how tools changed the lives of people living in this era.  We will become archaeologists and explore artefacts from this period of history.  

We will then compare this period of history to the Ancient Egyptians and will kick off the Spring term with an Egyptian day.  We will explore Brighton Museum and learn all about mummification on our trip.

In Summer, Year 3 will will learn about earthquakes and volcanoes, and will even erupt our very own volcano!  Pupils will get an opportunity to participate in swimming lessons as well as developing skills in many other sports as part of the PE curriculum.  

In Science we learn about a range of topics from rocks to plants, magnets to the human body.  We complete a number of exciting experiments to investigate these topics, just like real scientists.

Curriculum Maps

Year 3 Curriculum Map - Summer 2020

Key stage 1