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Year Six Class

Year 6 is an exciting final year at the school for our pupils. As well as going on amazing trips (including our annual residential and end of year trip), pupils have the chance to develop key life skills, such as taking responsibility for running the school’s fruit tuck shop and learning safe cycling with the council’s Bikeability team.

We base our learning around rich, vibrant topics, including Earthquakes & Volcanoes, Ancient Benin and Wars Across the Years. We also ensure the children are fully prepared for their forthcoming KS2 SATs exams, so that they can achieve their full potential. In addition, we work hard on preparing pupils for their move to secondary school with a number of stimulating transition projects.

We are extremely fortunate that we have a full set of iPads for both classes and use apple TVs to share work. The use of this technology fosters independent learning, as well as the development of core ICT skills. We enjoy being at the very cutting edge of education.


Year 4 Class