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Year One Class

The Year 1 class is called Goldcrests.

Over the year, the children are given the opportunities to become more independent, confident learners. We have role play areas to support the transition between Early Years and Key Stage 1. These role play and activity areas develop over the year and stay linked to the learning that is happening in class. In year 1 we incorporate lots of drama into our learning and well as lots of other fun, creative activities to ensure all children find learning fun. Children are also able to use technology such as iPads and computers to enhance their learning. We insure that we have a story every day so that that children can grow their love for reading, and also have daily independently reading sessions where children can build on their confidence with books.

In the Autumn term, Year 1 learn about our local area.  The children will use photographs, maps and globes, and go on a walk to explore the local area. They learn about our neighbourhood and its geographical features. In science, the children will learning about animals including humans, researching animal’s habitats, diets and features.

In the Spring term, Year 1 learn about transport and how it has changed over time. The children will be comparing similarities and differences between early and modern modes of transportation, and thinking about why these changes happened. In science, the children will be exploring the features of different materials. They will be investigating what material would be the best for a range of jobs, for example, making a house for The Three Little Pigs. This term Year 1 go on a trip to Drusillas Park Zoo to find out about animals and their habitats and also different materials.

In the Summer term, Year 1 find out what seaside holidays were like in the past and how Brighton and Hove has changed over time. The children will be thinking investigating through the use of questionnaires and non-fiction books to find out answers to questions they have posed. In science the class will be learning about plants. They will be finding out where they grow and why they are important, as well as the features of a plant. Year 1 will be visiting Arundel Wetland Centre where we will be exploring how different plants grow in different areas, and what habitats plants create.

Curriculum Maps

Year 1 Curriculum Map - Summer 2020

Year 1 Class