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Year Four Class

The Year 4 class is called Starlings.

Year 4 includes three fascinating topics to engage and excite our children. We begin by learning all about rainforests in Autumn Term, including a visit from Zoolab. The visit includes real life animals from the rainforest. This topic links to our science work on habitats, where we discover the creatures that live in our school wildlife area.

In Spring Term we travel all the way back in time to learn about the Greeks and how their culture influenced how we live today. We learn about a variety of subjects; from democracy to the Olympics to theatre and drama. The topic finishes with a wonderful Greek day.

Through Summer Term we learn all about the Romans. Children explore the reasons for the Roman invasion of Britain and they learn the story of Boudicca. Comparisons are made between Ancient Roman armies, Celtic armies and children have the opportunity to compare their different lifestyles and beliefs as well as learning about some of the significant Roman leaders of the time. The topic also includes an exciting trip to Bignore Roman Villa to discover evidence of Roman occupation and artefacts that give us clues about how they lived.

Year 4 have a set of chrome books which helps the children to become more independent learners. Throughout the year, we continue to reinforce the learning heroes’ attributes.

Curriculum Maps

Year 4 Curriculum Map - Summer 2020

Year 4 Class