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Year Five Class

The Year 5 class is called Swallows. 

The first topic of the year is a study of Victorian Brighton. We learn to interpret information from a census of 1815 Brighton and play detective to solve census crimes. To become fully immersed in the topic, we hold a Victorian day where the classroom is transformed and the staff and children spend the day in costume, learning how different life was for a Victorian child. Drills in the playground and hoop and stick competitions allow the children to experience the activities that Victorian children would have been involved in. A trip to Preston Manor later in the unit, with workshops run by the amazing staff, completely brings the topic to life. The children learn to make jam tarts in the manor kitchen and help to keep the manor clean and tidy for Lord and Lady Stanford.

Our English units blend seamlessly with the Victorian topic. The children write a letter to Mr. Gladstone, asking him to change the laws allowing children to work in the mines and factories. They can be amazingly persuasive as I am sure all parents and carers already know! We study Street Child, a fantastic book by Berlie Doherty which focuses on the life of an orphaned child who has to learn to survive on the streets. Drama is a key feature of this unit and it leads to some brilliant, emotional writing.

The Spring term sees the arrival of the Vikings! Using maps, we learn the routes that the Vikings took and particularly their arrival at Lindisfarne. The question that the children try to answer in this unit is: ‘Vikings – raiders or traders?’ – a question that leads to lots of discussion and debate. The children play a trading game where the Saxons are pitted against the Vikings and they can become quite competitive!

Our computing unit involves creating an animation of the Viking invasion of Lindisfarne and the children become very skilled at programming using Scratch. Combining art with history, the children create a Viking market scene and they re-create Dragons’ Den when they research and pitch a variety of Viking inventions to the Dragons.

Summer is all about rivers! The children become a living river and the playground and wildlife area are used frequently during this unit to investigate how rivers are formed and why they are essential to life. They learn about the water cycle and follow a molecule of water on its journey. The highlight of the unit is a fantastic trip to Seven Sisters Country Park run by the Sussex Wildlife Trust. We spend the day exploring the beautiful Cuckmere River and learning about the local flora and fauna.

Year 5 is an exciting year and we aim to develop their independence through a residential trip. This year we will be going to Bowles. The children love overcoming their fears with adventurous outdoor activities.

Curriculum Maps

Year 5 Curriculum Map - Summer 2020

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