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The ASC (Autistic Spectrum Condition) Facility

Aims of the Facility

We are a unique provision in Brighton and Hove that enables children with autistic spectrum conditions to have access to a specialist teaching environment and resources. Our aim is for all children to access a mainstream curriculum through both integrated lessons with the main school and small group sessions in the facility.  Curriculum based learning runs alongside targeted work on children's individual communication, social and independent skills.

All children integrate into the main school, with the level of integration determined by the child's own ability to meaningfully access lessons with their peers.  Our aim is for them to develop to their full potential as individuals, as well as to ensure they experience an age related, broad curriculum that will prepare them for future independence and school participation.

There are two classes, Seals for the younger pupils and Dolphins for the older pupils.

Autumn Cross Curriculum Map - Seals

Autumn Cross Curriculum Map - Dolphins

Summer Cross Curriculum Map - Seals

Summer Cross Curriculum Map - Dolphins

What we are able to offer

  • Small classes 
  • Specialist teachers and support assistants 
  • High staff: Pupil ratio 
  • Visual and structured environment, including a sensory room 
  • Positive and consistent behaviour strategies, including sensory regulation programmes 
  • Individual integration programme into the mainstream classes 
  • Time spent on communication, independence, social and behavioural skills 
  • Support from Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists
  • Access to a mainstream curriculum, both with mainstream peers and within the facility

Admissions to the ASC Facility

Children are admitted to the facility when a diagnosis of ASC is included in their statement of special needs.

For more information please contact

Rachel Tuck, Inclusion Manager

Telephone: 01273 770777

Visits to the school are welcomed.